Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shop Louise&Co Vintage!

So, some of you may already know ... but for those of you who do not..
 Louise&Co. has introduced Vintage pieces to the collection! 
I thought it would be a fun way to re-purpose vintage clothes instead of them not having a home!
 Each piece is hand-picked by me, which means I only pick what I love and what I think would go great in everyone's wardrobe whether being a trend or a staple piece!

Some of my most current finds are pictured below!

Great for this Fall&Winter Layering! Love the Geometric Pattern. BUY HERE!

Definitely a statement piece! Great condition! Tuck it into a pair of high waist jeans, and off you go! BUY HERE!

Camo is so-in right now, and looks great! This one is the real-deal! How cool is that back-story? BUY HERE!

 I say perfect for game day bundling up! Am I right?! BUY HERE!

Another game day piece! Go Buckeyes! BUY HERE!

Are you a fan of vintage? I love searching for great pieces! And they are always unique!

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