Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Louise&Co On Instagram / 06

Better late than never, right?
The past week has been hectic with midterms, studying, and other school related stuff.
Not fun!

I figured I'd show you what else I had been up to. (other than school!)
3.Casper and Luna have grown to love this box. 4. Luna hanging out on top of the cabinets (her new fav space!) 5. Boots from Bergners. 6. My shorts and tights outfit, get your pair of cut-offs, here. 7.Driving into the city. 8. Sole with spinach and asparagus. 9. Can't you tell it's boot season?

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Are you in the middle of testing?!

New items will be going on my Etsy soon, and my "Shop my closet!". So stay tuned!

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