Monday, September 3, 2012

The Animals of Louise&Co.

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great long weekend. Today was a very lazy Labor Day, I spent it hanging out with my kitties! And that got me thinking... why not show you the animals behind Louise&Co. They mean a lot to me, and keep me entertained while working on my shop!

This is Luna, she is 7 months old! She has gained the nickname "Luna Bear".
She tends to walk like a duck, but she is very entertaining!
This is Casper, she was our first cat. She is a little over a year old now, and she has a lot of energy.
She tends to do bad things when she isn't getting attention.
She is smart like that, and she knows how to open doors! She is crazy! 
Are you alive Casper?!
Aren't they cute? Sisterly love!
I can't forget about my Beta and little Frog. They reside in a Vintage Lipton Tea Pitcher!
 They keep each other entertained!

So maybe this post makes me look like a crazy cat lady, but I promise I'm not! 

I always think it's interesting seeing other people's pets! Doesn't it say a lot about a person?

Do you any have pets, what kind?

Don't forget today is the last day of the Labor Day Sale! 10% off when you enter: LABORDAY10.

Get shopping!

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